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When rabbits spray urine, they tend to spray on vertical surfaces; however, rabbits displaying inappropriate urination will generally urinate on horizontal surfaces. In addition, if a rabbit has sprayed, the urine will have a stronger odor than urine that was released inappropriately. Causes of Inappropriate Urination


Unfixed male rabbits -- bucks -- may start spraying in the manner of a tomcat once they hit puberty at a few months old. Housetraining. The first thing to do is housetrain your bunny, preferably starting soon after you bring him home. Keep him confined to his cage for the first few days and note where he has chosen as his toilet. Rabbits almost ...


Rabbits who are spayed (females) or neutered (males) are much less likely to display objectionable sex-hormone induced behaviors such as aggression, mounting, and urine spraying. Neutered/spayed rabbits generally have much more reliable litterbox habits than intact rabbits.


Every rabbit owner must know the difference between spray urination and normal urination of their pets. When rabbits spray, their urine has a very strong odor in comparison to their normal urine discharge. Also, when rabbits urinate normally they would do so on a horizontal surface but if it is spray urine, then it will do so on vertical surfaces.


If you have a male rabbit, he may start spraying urine up walls or even at you. Males spray females during courtship, and sometimes rabbits will express their love for a human companion with a jet of urine - who needs flowers and chocolate! Neutering. Neutering is essential to good litter habits.


AnswerThey are spraying to "mark" their territory.It is to tell all other animals that this area belongs to them, plus all living things need to urinate sometime! However if your rabbit is a male ...


What To Do? Spraying is a hormonal, territorial behavior. You will not be able to override this basic instinct with reprimands or discipline. The rabbit is just being a rabbit. What can you do if your rabbit is a urine-sprayer? 1) Provide a larger cage with solid dividers.


Not all male rabbits do that. Actually that is a hereditary trait. Some male rabbits will pee all over the place. If you have a cage with solid walls you may notice urine spray on the side of the walls.


Neutering male rabbits is essential if you are planning to keep two rabbits together to prevent fighting or breeding. Even if you are not, it is highly recommended for several reasons:-- reduces or eliminates troublesome courtship behaviour such as spraying urine, mounting and nipping - makes urine and faeces less smelly


i have a male, one year old dutch, who, has a breeding obsession(if you know what i mean). when he gets very excited, he sprays pee all over the house, so now he has to live outside during the summer. he is also not really allowed to play in the house, even though he loves it so much. my parents do let him play in my room though. he plays alot outside on his harness and leash too. we would ...