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If you have washed your blue jeans a few times hoping they would shrink and they haven’t then chances are the fabric was preshrunk during production. If they keep shrinking each time you wash them and you are wondering when is it ever going to stop, then they probably weren’t preshrunk.


How Much Will Jeans Shrink If You Wash Them in Hot Water? The amount that jeans shrink when washed in hot water depends primarily on the temperature of the water and the materials the jeans are made with. Jeans made with a combination of denim and cotton fibers tend to shrink more in hot water than those made with man-made fibers, such as nylon ...


The method: Just wear the jeans as you normally would—no washing necessary. If you want them to smell fresh without putting them in the wash, opt for airing them out or freezing them. What to calculate: Buy one size smaller in the waist and a true length. The result: Your jeans will stretch to the right size after a few wears, leaving you with a perfectly worn-in look.


We also make use of this phenomenon with raw denim, shrink-to-fit jeans (such as those Levi's 501 at Macy's) in which you wash them in hot water and let them dry on your body. As the denim dries and cools, the bonds reëstablish and the denim shrinks to make your thighs look fiiine .


Your jeans should still shrink the same way without any problems, even if turned inside-out. This step is especially necessary if shrinking new jeans with a fairly dark wash. If working with a pair of light wash jeans or an old pair of jeans that area already faded, you might be able to skip this step without causing much if any damage.


Why you should never, ever wash your jeans (unless you really, really have to) What do winners smell like? Dirty jeans – or so say some manufacturers of raw denim who claim that not washing your ...


Jeans do shrink 1/4" inch after wash/dry. When I need to get my jeans alterated, I usually ask the tailor to leave an additional 1/4". That way, it will be the correct length after I wash the jeans. And if the jeans didn't shrink, I will just wear them with higher heels.


Most jeans will shrink when exposed to heat, either from hot water in the wash, or high heat in the dryer. Cotton has an tendency to shrink a little so it depends upon the composition of raw materials used in jeans. Mostly denims are made up of 70–100% cotton.


The search for the perfect jeans can take you to many stores and through many pairs in a dressing room, only to get them home, wash them and find that they fit completely different! Washing jeans in warm or hot water and then drying them will shrink jeans. The good news is that the results are usually not permanent.


Denim fabric with a looser weave will shrink more than one with a tighter weave. Denim will shrink more when washed in hot water and when put in a hot dryer. Shrinkage will occur in both washer and dryer with temperature being the determining factor.You will also lose more of the dye in the fabric when washed in higher temperatures.