Jaguars live in many places in America, including Arizona, Texas, Southern California and New Mexico, and they can also be found in the rainforests in South and Central America. The majority of all jaguars live in the Am... More »

Jaguars live for 12 to 15 years in the wild. Jaguars spend the first year of their lives with their mothers, after which they become solitary creatures only socializing with other jaguars for mating. More »

The habitat range of the jaguar extends from the southern United States to Patagonia in South America. Jaguars are found in Texas, the mountains of Arizona, the southern parts of California and New Mexico. They also inha... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Large Cats

Jaguars are found primarily in the rainforests of Central America. They are carnivores and are good swimmers, and they grow from 4 to 6 feet in length. Though Jaguars prefer rainforests, they have expanded their habitat ... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Large Cats

The black panther, a term that encompasses black leopards and black jaguars, lives mainly in areas with dense rain forests. Black leopards live in Africa, Central Asia, India and China while black jaguars are found in La... More »

Cheetahs do not live in rainforests or wetlands. The cheetah, which is the fastest land animal in the world, is typically found on the savannas of sub-Saharan Africa, though there have been reports of approximately 200 c... More »

Bullet ants live throughout the rainforests of Central America and South America. They can be found from Nicaragua in the north to Bolivia and Brazil in the south. More »