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A divorce can be finalized even if one spouse does not sign the divorce papers, according to Legal Zoom. Each state has specific laws and requirements for divorce.


Divorce decrees are kept on file by the County Clerk's office where the divorce took place and can be requested by any of the involved parties or their authorized representatives. If the record is no longer there, it can be obtained from the county or state Office of Vital Statistics.


A person who receives divorce papers has 20 days to file an "answer," which is a statement that informs the court about his decision regarding the divorce, according to LawHelp.org. He must answer as to whether he agrees with the divorce complaint and whether he agrees with what his spouse asks the


Free divorce papers are usually available at state legal aid websites, and these interactive forms are available to low-income individuals, as explained by Legal Aid Network of Kentucky. A free divorce settlement agreement is available for printing at RocketLawyer's website contingent upon acceptanc


Most state court websites, such as those for Colorado and California, have very good self-help forms for divorce proceedings, along with thorough instructions for how to fill in the forms and where to file them. Some bar associations, such as the Colorado Bar Association, also have downloadable educ


As of 2016, many legal and information websites provide sample divorce papers, including TidyForms.com and Legalzoom.com. Most sites that offer sample divorce papers categorize them by states. The information on some sites is more up-to-date than others.


Generally, if a joint petition for divorce has been filed then both spouses must sign the paperwork, according to LegalZoom. If one spouse refuses to sign, or is not available to sign, the party that filed the joint petition can opt to file a regular divorce petition, which does not need the signatu


Free divorce forms and documents are available online through various websites, such as the U.S. Legal Forms website and the Free Business Forms website. Many state courts also provide the forms online for free, such as the official website for the state court of California.


Divorce papers are served on the other party in California in the same manner as other paperwork related to a court case, according to California Courts. Papers requiring service of process must be given to the other party by an adult who is not a party to the case.


To obtain a copy of a divorce decree, visit or write a letter to the office of vital statistics where the divorce occurred, explains the Law Dictionary. The divorced individuals and members of their immediate family may request non-certified copies of divorce decrees.