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The buzz cut is one of the most timeless haircuts a man can get, and it’s also the easiest to do yourself. With a few simple tools and a bit of practice, you can give yourself professional-quality buzz cuts without having to wade through year-old magazines at your local barber’s shop.


From army recruits to Brad Pitt, the buzz cut has been a go-to style for men since the invention of clippers. And whether you’re trimming down for summer or just switching up your look, you can ...


Chris Evans’ Butch Cut, credits: Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com What do I need for the buzz cut? You don’t need very much at all to get a spiffy buzz cut. This is one of the greatest benefits of this hairstyle: You can have nearly any hair type, any hair color, and any face shape to get a buzz cut that looks good.


Here's the video you've all been waiting for. If you're interested in a device similar to the one I used in this video, here's an Amazon link: http://amzn.to...


Giving a buzz cut requires little preparation and should only take a few minutes. Step1: If hair is longer than an inch, trim it with scissors first to where it is a fingers width from the scalp. This will make it easier when you use the clippers.


A long time ago I bought electric clippers and gave myself a buzz cut, and I just did it with a regular bathroom mirror. It was easy and it came out even though I did prefer the way a buzz cut looked when done professionally because my hair did look better when it was trimmed a bit shorter in the back than on the top even if only by a couple millimeters.


It is pretty easy. It really comes down to if you would like to do a fade or if you would like to cut it all one length. If you would like to cut it all one length - Buy or Borrow some clippers and put a no 2 blade on them and cut all your hair o...


Hey just want to get people's advice on getting buzz cuts. Is it pretty safe to do it yourself? I don't want there to be weird streaks or anything. ... Buzz cut : DIY or go to a barber shop? Hey just want to get people's advice on getting buzz cuts. Is it pretty safe to do it yourself? I don't want there to be weird streaks or anything.


Buzz Cut – The uniformed length on the top, back, and sides make this the easiest cut to maintain. It’s a hair longer (no pun intended) than the close cut so you can go a couple days between maintenance. Easy Cut – This is the cut that looks best on you. No need to worry about the rules here.


DIY Hairstyles for short hair 1. Buzz cut. This easy buzz cut can be achieved with hair clippers. It is also called the induction cut. Both sides are cleared, leaving short hair on top. This is one of the easiest styles to maintain. Adding faded effect on both sides can also make it more stylish. 2. Slick and parted