A VPN, or virtual private network, on an iPhone is a simulated point-to-point connection that enables the iPhone to communicate securely over a public network using Wi-Fi or a cellular data network. A VPN can be set up u... More »

Some companies that offer proxy servers include AnchorFree, Proxify, Hotspot Shield, Witopia and Hide My Ass. Some of these companies offer free and paid services while others offer only paid services in different packag... More »

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A VPN connection is used to provide a reliable and secure connection to a private network using the Internet or an existing public network. VPN connections are used to provide security when exchanging data or communicati... More »

A VPN, or virtual private network, works by using a public network to route traffic between a private network and individual users. It allows users to share data through a public network by going through a private networ... More »

Because you cannot use FaceTime on an iPhone 4 over a cellular network, you must connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network before FaceTime can work. Newer versions of the iPhone allow users to connect to FaceTime over cellu... More »

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A iPhone 5 user can print from his phone if the color printer is AirPrint-enabled and both the printer and iPhone are connected to Wi-Fi. As of 2015, most major printer brands are AirPrint-enabled. More »

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Apple iPhone 5c specifications include an A6 chip, Wi-Fi, cellular and GPS connection, 4G connection speed, retina display, an 8-megapixel camera and 1080p video recording. It also includes options such as a choice of in... More »

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