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Adult fantail goldfish have a rather bloodthirsty habit -- they like to eat baby goldfish, even their own. They also like to eat the eggs. Right after the eggs have been fertilized, take the spawning mops out of the aquarium, rinse them in clean water and put the mops into a 20 gallon tank with water no deeper than 6 inches.


In outdoor ponds, goldfish will readily breed in captivity. Even in the home aquarium, a particularly well-cared for goldfish may spawn. You need to recognize the signs that the goldfish is preparing to spawn, since you may have to make arrangements to care for the baby fish.


Can my goldfish become pregnant and have babies? ... it can be very difficult to tell if your ryukin is really going to have babies unless you observe closely. ... Tropical Fish Gravel and Substrate Hanging Fish Bowl Home Aquarium Ideal Setup for Family Koi Pond Live Aquarium Plants Live Feeder Fish Marine Coral Tank Setup Pond Cover Netting ...


So yes, goldfish do lay eggs – and they can lay a whole bunch of them. In fact: How many babies she will have depends on her age and how much she’s been eating… But a goldfish can easily lay over 1,000 eggs at one time! That’s just at one time. During breeding season, goldfish will often spawn multiple times on a weekly basis.


So you want to know if goldfish lay eggs or do they give birth to live fish. We have the answers you are looking for. Read all about it.


I think my goldfish are having babies. Theres these little "dots" are swimming around. Do goldfish have birth or live birth? Please help. I have three fish and a small tank. Also, my boy fish was just chasing the girl fish.


A goldfish will rarely lay eggs in a home aquarium, according to The Goldfish Tank. In order to have babies, a goldfish has to be in a special environment that is difficult to replicate except in outdoor ponds. According to Goldfish2Care4.com, goldfish are only able to spawn once each month from April to August.


Hi, sadly not an answer but same has happened in my small pond. I have two koi and five goldfish. Am looking at moving house was happy that I only had a few fish to rehome but unfortunately over the hot summer fish decided to breed and I have probably got at least 50 babies.


Hey Gary. Congrats on the baby koi, they are always fun to have. It’s hard to say if they are hybrid, you do have enough koi in there to likely have a male and female, so I would tend to lean toward them just being koi. You also have goldfish, there is always the chance that you have both type of baby in your pond, koi and goldfish babies.