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From what I've read, it just sounds like a cold. She has a great appetite and is acting totally normal. Do I need to be concerned? Is there anything I should be doing for her? Will my other goat catch it as well? Do I sound like a newbie?! I've only had them three weeks. Thanks for any advice.


When a goat exhibits a runny nose with clear-to-cloudy mucus, watery eyes and a mopey temperament, it might be coming down with a cold. This is a normal occurrence for most goats and is no more life-threatening to them than it would be to a human.


When people come to me feeling they must give their goats something for their cold (runny nose and cough but no other symptoms) I recommend giving Immune Support Tincture, since this aids in preventing Pneumonia and does not mess up their systems like antibiotics do. (Antibiotics reek havoc on the digestive system, especially in goats, causing ...


Can an animal (dog, cat, baby goat) catch a cold? ... All animals can catch colds/flu/and many of the disorders/diseases that humans get. They can also be carriers of the diseases and are always more than willing to share. If you think your animal is sick, but he/she is still eating and is active then just let it run its course. ...


Goats don't catch colds. Runny noses are normal, runny noses with fever is not normal. First go out into the barn and kneel down, so your nose is at the heighth of their nose. Do you smell ammonia? Most pnemonia in the winter is from wet barns. Now stand up, are your knees wet? Add more bedding or clean the barn and put down dry material.


My cat has had a cold for almost a month now, but I can't bring him to vet because I cannot afford it. Are there any local home remedies? I pity and am so worried about my cat. Please help me. I have 13 more cats with me right now, and I'm worried all of them will also catch the cold virus. Help please. What can I do?


A fellow with about 25-30 goats down the road from us got rid of his Nubians because he couldn't keep them alive here he said. He moved up here from hotter, and much dryer West Texas. He now has the Kiko's which seems to be the meat goat of choice around here. I'm not raising goats to make money or to sell.


One thing that all goats do seem to enjoy in cold weather is warm drinking water. I’ve been quite shocked by how much they prefer the warm water, how big a drink they’ll take, and how warm (hot) they actually like it.


It may be surprising to hear that cats can catch colds too, but they are just as susceptible to the common flu as humans. Here are some home remedies for cats with colds to help them get back to feeling their best.


According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each year in the United States, there are millions of cases of the common cold. The CDC states that adults have an average of 2-3 colds per year, and children have even more. So, with human colds being so common, it’s natural to wonder whether our dogs can catch colds too.