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Giant pictures. Several photos exist on the internet of people excavating the graves of giants. Sadly, these are not evidence. Nearly one and all are proven hoaxes. They depict skeletons, next to humans and machinery, that are of such great proportion they would tower over a home. As far as we can tell, no such creatures ever existed.


2.) 18 Giant Human Skeletons Found In Wisconsin, 1912. There is a great story below in the “SOURCE” link, about 18 skeletons that were found in a Wisconsin, burial ground in 1912. The photo above supposedly is an enhanced colored version of one of those skeletons found. I believe it’s fake.


Do giant human remains really exist? There are no “Giants” - as in giant humans and there never have been. And the reason is quite simple It’s called the “Square Cube Law” Basically the strength of something - a bone or a muscle - is related to the area through that bone or muscle - which is the “Square” of its size


Giants (from Latin and Ancient Greek: gigas, cognate giga-) are beings of human appearance, but of prodigious size and strength common in the mythology and legends of many different cultures. The word giant, first attested in 1297, was derived from the Gigantes (Greek: Γίγαντες) of Greek mythology.


Did Giants Exist? Part 1: Legends and America’s Giant Skeletons. By Paul Darin and Tara MacIsaac. ... natural disasters, human ignorance, or simply by the erosion of time. However, with all that ...


10 Human Skulls With Horns Discovered. A creepy human skull with horns was claimed to have been found along multiple horned skulls and 213-centimeter-tall (7′) skeletons to go with some of them. The obviously human remains were allegedly excavated from an ancient burial mound near Sayre, Pennsylvania, in the 1880s. The horns were about 5 centimeters (2 in) in length, pointed, and extended ...


In the Kwara’ee region, north of there, is a large burial place scattered with giant skeletons. They lie over the ground. In a nearby village stands a hut, one of whose main support poles is a human femur bone nearly 8 feet long! An expedition to the region is being planned. We will keep you informed of developments. Jonathan Gray


On 3 December 2014, World News Daily Report published an article titled “Smithsonian Admits to Destruction of Thousands of Giant Human Skeletons in Early 1900’s.” In that article, the site ...


human foot prints 23.75 cm. long and 10.25 wide! Near Antelope Springs, Utah, William Meister discovered in 1968 two human footprints 32.5 cm. long and 11.25 wide. Similar giant footprints have been discovered in other countries especially in the Mt. Victoria region of Australia. Not only do we have footprints of giants but actual skeletons as ...


AncientPages.com - No doubt giants did exist and were a part of Earth's ancient history. In the Philippines a human skeleton 17 feet tall was discovered. Bones belonging to a similar human, also very tall were found in South-Eastern China. They were dating back at least 300,000 years. In Ceylon, there are remains of men who […]