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Ants kill a lot of termites. Right around the world, and for most termite species, ants are the main predators. When you see termite soldiers, most of the funny-shaped jaws or pointy or blocky heads are really there as effective adaptations against attacking ants.When termites fly, lots get eaten before they can create a safe nest.


In nature, ants and termites are often found living close to each other. Termites and carpenter ants both like wood, but for different reasons. Termites eat the wood, but carpenter ants do not. Instead, they burrow into wood to lay eggs. When the eggs hatch, the young ants will leave their wooden nest to create an ant colony and feed.


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Not only do ants eat termites, but ants are one of the primary predators of this wood-eating insect. Sometimes ants help control termite populations depending upon the relative size of the two colonies and other available food sources.


Termites typically stay hidden within the wood they damage or in large, underground colonies well out of sight. Unlike carpenter ants, termites are rarely seen in the open.The first clues of infestations often come when winged, reproductive termites “swarm" in early spring, emerging to mate and leaving dropped wings behind as telltale signs.


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Bullet Ants of Asia vs. Termite Kings and Queens: I never imagined the action to be this intense! Watch our Diacamma sp. ant colony in their terrarium called the Shire as they hunt down dealate ...


A Texas A&M study reports that fire ants currently cost Texas over one billion dollars a year. Fire ants are found in more than two-thirds of the counties in Texas. The sting of a fire ant is painful and can cause an allergic reaction in some people. (NOTE: We typically refer to these negative encounters with fire ants as "being bitten."


This enables fire ants to paralyze and kill animals much larger than they are. Once they immobilize their prey, the fire ants carry it back to the colony. If the prey is large, the fire ants dismantle it into small, transportable pieces. Fire ants will also eat other insects (like fly larvae) that feed on decomposing bodies (carrion). By eating ...


The way ants actually digest food is much more involved. Ants bring food back to the colony, where they feed it to their larvae. The fire ant larvae then chew and process the solids. The larvae regurgitate the partially digested food for their adult caretakers. The adult ants then consume the liquefied nutrients.