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Negative Effect. There are arguments that extracurricular activity participation can affect negatively on academics 2.According to California State University, a child who devotes his spare time to extracurricular activities spends less time on studies 3.This can affect his grades if he is not spending enough time studying.


How Extracurricular Activities Affect Grades. There are many variables that can influence a student's academic performance in school. Good study habits, recreational reading, and whether or not the student ate breakfast that morning are all examples. Another very important factor is the student’s participation in extracurricular activities.


Extracurricular Activities and Academic Grades Many parents worry that extracurricular activities will inhibit their children’s performance in school. Various studies have shown that students who participate in extracurricular activities excel in academic performance more often than children who do not.


Gather Data Do Extracurricular Activities Affect Students Grade Negatively? - On average students who do not participate in extracurricular activities had an overall academic average of 72%. - Those that are involved in activities have a grade average of 73%. - More males


Therefore, it was concluded that extracurricular activities affect academic performance and that the effect depends on the specific activities in which the student is involved. INTRODUCTION Music, parental involvement, sports—all of these have an influence on how children perform academically.


Along with high grades and SAT scores, a resume full of strong extracurricular activities is considered a necessity for any student applying to top colleges. Students are pressured to volunteer at their local animal shelter, try out for a sports team, serve as secretary of a club, and more in hopes of demonstrating those elusive “leadership qualities” that colleges claim to seek in applicants.


Extracurricular activities and their effect on the student’s grade point average: Statistical study R. A. Bakoban and S. A. Aljarallah Department of Statistics, Faculty of Science, Faisaliah Campus, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Received 18 August, 2015; Accepted 14 October, 2015


Extracurricular activities give you something fun to do aside from school. It also gives you the chance to explore you're passions to discover things you may be interested beyond academics while taking some time off hitting the book. Take the much needed break, you deserve it! 6. Essential Life Skills. On top of all of the benefits of ...


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between student achievement and participation in extracurricular activities. The study focused on the impact that participation in extracurricular activities had grade point average, absentee rate, SAT scores, and success on the Georgia High School Graduation Test. In order to test each research question, extracurricular activities was divided into