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Grasslands are home to predators, grazers and small mammals. The specific types of animals that are found in grasslands are determined by the type of grassland and its location.


Tall and short varieties of grass and some flowering perennials dominate grasslands, including the prairies of North America. Big bluestem grass, blue grama grass, buffalo grass and Indian grass are abundant. Flowering perennials like milkweeds, goldenrods, asters, blazing star, sweet coneflower and


Grasslands are habitats for grazing animals like buffalo, elk and whitetail deer in North America and zebra and antelope in Africa, where herds support predators like lions and cheetahs. Other large mammals living in the grasslands include the African wildebeest, giant anteater of South America and


Some grassland locations include the veldt of South Africa; the prairies of Mexico, Canada and the midwest United States; and the pampas of Argentina and Uruguay. Grasslands can be found, under various names, on every continent except Antarctica.


There are two species of elephants: the Asian elephant, which lives in south and southeast Asia, and the African elephant, which lives in sub-Saharan Africa. The can be found living in the tropical forests, woodlands and savannahs of these regions.


The median lifespan of an elephant in the wild is 56 years for female African elephants and 42 years for female Asian elephants. Elephants can reach ages of over 70 years old. In captivity, elephants only live to be about 17 years old — one year short of adulthood.


Plants found in temperate grasslands include Buffalo grass, ryegrass, foxtail, wild oats and purple needle grass. Wildflowers and a few trees and large shrubs also grow in grassland areas.


Some types of grassland plants include purple coneflower, big blue stem, blazing star and buffalo grass. Grassland plants survive in areas with about 30 inches of rain yearly, and many have their stems and leaves made up of chloroplasts.


Grasslands producers include many types of grasses and a few plants; big blue stem, Indian grass, coneflowers, little bluestem and blazing star reside in many American prairies, along with plants including aster, milkweed, thistle and butterfly weed. In the United States, prairies come in two main t


The great grasslands of Africa, also known as savannas and velds, are located across the continent just south of the Sahara desert, along the eastern coast, south of the Congo rain forest and east of the Namib Desert. These grasslands contain a variety of unique plant and animal life. Most of the pl