Though the emotions of dogs can't be directly translated to those of humans, they experience forms of joy, sadness, shame, jealousy and grief. Research also indicates they may have their own form of laughter. More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

According to the Daily Puppy, dogs groan as a form of vocalization to help convey the way they are feeling. Because groans are used by dogs to vocalize a lot of different feelings, it is up to the owner to read the situa... More »

Some unusual names for black dogs are Crow, Mamba, Phantom, Dark Knight, Tux, Ember and Espresso. Other unique names befitting a black dog are Currant, Darkstar, Magic, Goth, Twilight and Black Pearl. More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

Dogs do feel love, as they have the same brain construction that humans do in regard to producing emotions, states psychology professor Stanley Coren in Psychology Today. Dog brains also produce oxytocin, the same hormon... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

Dogs do have emotions. They have the same brain construction as humans do in terms of producing emotions, as well as the same hormones that undergo changes that happen during various emotional states. More »

Tickling is still poorly understood by science, but it doesn't appear that dogs are ticklish like humans. However, dogs do have a well-known reflex, called the scratch reflex, which triggers them to twitch a leg when tou... More »

Dogs dream during the REM phase of sleep, just like humans. There is evidence that they dream about their daily activities. They often twitch, vocalize and breathe differently while dreaming. More »