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Deer do indeed love the beautiful succulent growth they find in those meadows and valleys, but they cannot resist a rose garden if there is one close by. Let’s learn more about roses and deer. Deer Damage to Rose Bushes. I have heard it said that deer look at roses like many of us do fine chocolates.


Tender young buds and luscious new growth draw deer to the banquet of 150 rose bushes (most came from Heirloom Roses) surrounding the Dunagan home, but they don’t eat. Secret to Success. Start spraying in spring. In the spring when the first bit of green appears, Jon begins a weekly spray schedule of his special mixture.


This list of deer resistant plants is compiled from reports and recommendations by nurseries, garden centers, horticulture educators, master gardeners, and landscapers across the country. As stated above, deer eat different plants in different regions. They are known to eat anything but daffodil and narcissus when starving.


Deer are herbivores and forage for a wide range of plant matter, including trees, shrubs, grasses, ornamental plants and garden plants. Deer can do considerable damage to a plant. Despite Knock Out rose plants having thorns, deer will not hesitate to eat them.


Deer Resistant Roses. Deer love to eat roses. Even roses with terrible thorns have susceptible new growth before the thorns have had time to harden. Supposedly the new growth tastes best to the deer, but it is more likely that the deer prefer it because of the softness and the increased amount of nutrients in new growth.


Damage. Because deer lack upper incisors, they must grasp the plant material and jerk it free when they eat, causing ragged tears in tissue. They prefer rose growth that is young, with soft thorns ...


Strangely enough, they don't mind the thorns on rose bushes and will happily munch them to the ground. Bear in mind though that fawns will sample everything as they learn which plants are most palatable. There are also regional differences in which plants deer eat and don't eat.


Design a beautiful landscape filled with breathtaking blooms and distinctive foliage, without worrying about destructive deer. Our selection of deer-resistant plants are unappetizing to those curious critters, allowing you to create eye-catching displays throughout your garden and on your porches and patios, knowing the leaves and flowers will be able to reach their full stunning potential!


Deer Resistant Roses Exist! It appears that there are roses deer don’t eat! While garden shopping last spring, I couldn’t resist ordering one of these ‘deer resistant roses’ – but not because it was stated as such in the catalog.


How to Keep Deer From Eating Roses: Stop the Deer Damage! The aim of this article is to teach you how to keep deer from eating roses! Deer absolutely love these flowers and aren’t a bit phased by their thorns. We’ve witnessed these animals mow down entire rose bushes in minutes.