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They also eat plants that do not contain thorns, such as willow and poplar. Camels are grazers, similar to sheep or goats, and consume most kinds of vegetation that cross their path. They are able to consume both soft vegetable matter, such as leaves, and hard woody twigs.


Do camels like apples or carrots? SAVE CANCEL. already exists. ... Rabbits can eat apples and carrots but can not eat parsley as it will get stuck in their digestive system and could make it ...




You’re probably fine with eating cows and chickens, but what about camels? The idea probably makes you nauseous, but in the Middle East, camel meat is a delicacy, and the hump is the best part. It’s pretty much 100 percent fat, so it’s nice and tender. However, it’s important to eat your camels young as the old ones are pretty stringy.


Feed them as much Bermuda hay as they can eat. Oats and grains are far too rich for a camel's diet, as camels are used to nutrient-poor desert scrubs. Alfalfa, which they love, is also much too rich, but can be used as a treat in small bunches. In place of Bermuda hay, you can use any other grass-like, dry hay for food.


But what do camels eat? This post will answer that question, and also look at some interesting facts about camels. What do camels eat? The food that camels eat depend on whether they are domesticated, feral or living in zoos. In the wild, camels will eat just about anything as it is very hard to find food.


What do camels eat ? Camel Diet Camels diet varies over huge variety of plants. Equipped with leathery mouth, camels can easily eat almost every type of vegetation including huge thorns, salt ...


5 Things You Didn’t Know About Our Camels by Creation Museum on March 30, ... You can learn even more about our camel’s humps in “Do Camels Store Water in Their Humps?” Snack Time! CJ and Gomer will eat pretty much anything, but their favorite snacks are apples, carrots, and lettuce. In fact, they can both eat a whole head of romaine ...


Can Cats Eat Apples – Preparation Tips. A good way of serving up apples to your cat is via a few small sliced wedges. A paring knife is the best way of doing this. Ensure that you cut all the way around the core so that you are not giving your pet any of the dangerous seeds.