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A butterfly has three pairs of legs, giving it a total of six legs. Classified as an insect, a butterfly has a triple segmented body, jointed legs in pairs of three, antennae and wings.


Make a butterfly by cutting a paper plate in two for the wings and pasting them onto an empty toilet paper roll. This craft requires a paper plate, a toilet paper roll, paint, wiggle eyes, pipe cleaner, scissors, a paint brush and glue.


Butterflies have two compound eyes located on their heads. Although they have spots on their wings that resemble eyes, those are just markings and have nothing to do with a butterfly's eyesight.


Most fully grown butterflies extract and eat nectar from flowers by using their tongue as a straw, while a smaller minority of butterflies consume tree sap, organic material and rotting animal matter. Some butterfly caterpillars eat leaves, while others feed on seed pod...


Butterflies live all over the world, except in Antarctica and the harshest deserts. Many butterflies live in tropical climates like those found in Hawaii and Mexico.


Butterflies move by using their wing muscles to fly. However, butterflies cannot move if their wing muscles get too cold. Their bodies work most effectively at an internal temperature of approximately 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Butterflies must use their surroundings in ord...


On average, a butterfly lives about a month. However, the time can vary greatly between species, and females tend to live longer than males. It's extremely unusual for a butterfly of any species to live longer than a year.