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Common thorn bushes include the coral bean, crown of thorns and fire thorn. Thorns may grow on the leaves, stems or branches of thorny bushes or shrubs.


Prickles on a rose bush are a defense mechanism to protect the plant against predators. Contrary to popular belief, roses do not have thorns, but rather possess similar spiked protrusions called prickles.


Blueberry.com explains that caring for blueberries involves testing the soil to provide the correct fertilizer, mulching, watering and weeding. When the plants receive this type of care and full sun, they produce beautiful foliage and berries with a flavor and aroma that is unmatched by store-bought


Blueberries grow well when planted in acidic soil with good drainage in a hole deep enough to spread the roots. Multiple bushes need at least 4 feet between them. Early spring is the ideal planting time for blueberry bushes.


Garden Guides describes blueberry bush leaves as glossy, dark green with yellow accents on the veins that group in small groupings. During the fall the leaves may turn yellow or bright crimson. The edges of the leaves are smooth and are not serrated. Home Guides notes that the leaves are irregular o


Blueberry bushes should be trimmed or pruned in the winter season when they are dormant. Canes that are over seven years old should be pruned first, as they will be less productive than newer canes.


Thorns are essentially defense mechanisms for the plant, much like teeth are for an animal. The sharp points protect the plant against animals that want to eat it.


Trim blueberry bushes in late winter before new growth shows. Removing unnecessary branches at that time helps the plant direct its energy into producing a better crop of berries.


Varieties of honeylocust, citrus, mesquite and hawthorn trees have thorns. Thorns are an adaption that trees developed as a way to ward off predators.


The ideal time to trim blueberry bushes is from late winter to early spring when the bushes are dormant and the peak of winter has passed. This time period generally ranges anywhere from January to early March.