Pug breed dogs do shed, although the black-colored pug sheds less than the fawn-colored pug. This breed sheds a lot, and requires frequent brushing to prevent a buildup of hair. The thickness and texture of a pug's fur i... More »

Adult pugs typically weigh between 14 to18 pounds. Pugs are prone to overeating, so owners need to closely control how much food the dogs get. When overfed, pugs gain weight quickly, and obesity is a serious potential pr... More »

Black pugs are available for adoption at GreenMtnPugRescue.com and Compassionate Pug Rescue. GreenMtnPugRescue.com is a rescue group that services the states of Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and northern New York on the ... More »

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A Chinese pug is just another name for the breed of dog known more commonly as a pug. The breed is descended from small dogs imported from China into England and the Netherlands in the 1600s. More »

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A shih tzu/pug mix is a dog that is a cross-breed of a shih tzu and a pug. This combination also is referred to as a pug-zu. These dogs vary greatly in appearance, but are generally small with short-to-medium coats that ... More »

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As of 2014, the average cost to purchase a purebred pug puppy is between $900 and $1,500. However, this price range can vary from breeder to breeder and from state to state, so researching thoroughly before purchasing is... More »

Pugs originated in China before moving to Europe and Japan. While the exact origins of the breed may be somewhat of a mystery, it is known that the pug has been around since about 400 B.C. More »