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People ask me all the time why chickens lay eggs daily and seemingly other birds lay them once or twice a year. Here is my answer!! Chickens lay one or sometimes more unfertilized or fertilized ...


Chickens don't lay eggs every day. The most prolific egg-laying breed is the leghorn, and the leghorn lays an average of fewer than one egg per day. The ancestor of chickens (red jungle fowl) comes from the same forests in Asia that the house mice and brown rats live. In these forests, the bamboo can suddenly flower all at once and die.


Why is it that chickens can/do lay unfertilized or fertilized eggs almost daily and other birds seem to lay eggs once or twice a year? Susie Osler, Maberly, Canada Chickens will keep laying eggs ...


All birds lay eggs; of the 9,000 species of birds, none of them give live birth. Instead, birds form and lay eggs that are incubated outside the body. Eggs range in size depending on the bird and can be as small as 0.2 grams or as big as 9 kilograms. Birds lay and hatch eggs in places that are inconspicuous and away from predators.


Best Answer: They have been bred to lay so many, by humans, so that they produce a massive amount of eggs that can be sold and eaten. In the wild a chicken (hen) would lay around 5 - 20 eggs a year, just to hatch chicks from. Now, with specific breeding, we have many breeds of chickens laying 300+ eggs a year!!


Why do hens lay eggs every day when other birds are seasonal? Update Cancel. ... Chickens still do not naturally lay every day all year round - they are still seasonal to some extent. Even the commercial breeds that have been created to have maximum egg yield, must be kept under lights to simulate long summer daylight hours and keep them laying ...


Temperature, latitude, day length, food and fitness all play a role in which seasons wild birds lay eggs. Spring layers rely upon warmer temperatures and abundant food. Some birds lay eggs throughout the year. Summer, autumn and even late-winter breeders exist based upon food prevalence.


So now you are armed with an answer to how do chickens lay eggs, ready to allay the fears of any of your friends or customers who might express concerns about the opening an egg comes out of. And by the way, those college students who stopped buying backyard chicken eggs from me did not give up eating eggs.


The findings show that cuckoos aren't the only birds to lay eggs in other birds' nests, and may give an insight into how so-called brood parasitism evolved. ... June 3). Birds dumping eggs on the ...


Parent Birds: The easiest way to identify eggs is to see what parent birds are incubating the clutch. While some birds are brood parasites and will lay their eggs in other species' nests, the species of the parents can quickly narrow down which birds should be expected to hatch from the eggs.