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1/8” tread wear on a 36-inch tire reduces the circumference by 0.8 inches. Over the length of 1 mile, this adds up to 33.6 feet. After “actually” traveling 157 miles, the odometer will be “off” by 1 mile. It will read 158 miles. Smaller diameter tires will effect odometer reading more than larger tires.


Do bigger tires affect odometer? If bigger tires affect ones speedometer wouldn't it also affect the number of miles driven displayed on the odometer? Just upgraded some parts on my 2002 I6 4.0 manual and this crossed my mind.


Bigger tires will cause your speedometer to register a speed that is slower than your actual speed. For example, if your speedometer says 35 miles per hour on 20-inch diameter tires, changing to 23-inch diameter tires will make your true speed 40.25 mph, even though your speedometer will still show 35 mph.


1994.5 - 1997 7.3L Power Stroke Diesel - do bigger tires affect odometer? - Does running bigger tires affect the odometer readings? If so how do you recalibrate it and the speedometer? -Thanks


Changing tire size is one of the most common things car owners do that can affect speedometer accuracy. That’s because larger tires cover more ground in one complete revolution. Consider the example below.


It depends on how much bigger the wheels/tires than the standard ones for that vehicle. As Mangetout said, adding only 1 inch to the diameter adds roughly 4% to the circumference on a 25" tire. Adding 2.5" would add 10%. This 10% will translate directly to the speedometer, hence the speedometer would read 54 mph while actually traveling 60, and the odometer in that for every 60 miles tra...


How Tire Size Affects the Speedometer in a Car by Derek Odom . ... Let's look at why changing tire size would affect the speedometer. Altered Tire Size. For those who have off-road vehicles and put larger tires on for better performance on the trail, the speedometer will be affected. Since there is more surface area and a larger circumference ...


Yes Putting larger diameter tires on any vehicle will affect the speedometer and odometer readings. If you know the revolutions per mile for the original tires and the larger tires, you could ...


Do bigger tires effect the speedometer How do you calculate the difference I had 30 inch tires and now have 33 inch tires? Yes Putting larger diameter tires on any vehicle will affect the ...


Tire Size and Speedometer Accuracy . If you are planning on, or have already replaced your original equipment tires with a different tire size, it is important to remember that changing your tire size can affect the accuracy of your speedometer.