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Start studying Chapter 12 DNA and RNA. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.


1. The DNA unzips like it did during DNA replication. One strand of DNA is "transcribed" or "copied" to make a messenger RNA (mRNA) molecule. The nitrogenous bases pair up. Uracil is now paired up with adenine for RNA. 2. Once the mRNA has transcribed the message, it breaks away from the DNA strand. The DNA then "rezips" back to its double ...


the concept that genetic information encoded in DNA is transcribed to mRNA. Then the mRNA moves to the ribosome where the information is translated into the amino acid sequnce of a protein (DNA->RNA->Protein).


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RNA polymerase is an enzyme that binds to DNA during transcription and separates or unwinds the DNA strands. What is the function of RNA polymerase in transcription? RNA polymerase binds to DNA, separates the strands, then uses one of the strands as a template from which to assemble nucleotides into a complementary RNA strand.


The molecules differ in the number of strands making up each. DNA is double-stranded, shaped like a ladder with rungs between both sides. RNA is single-stranded. The function of DNA is the storage of genetic information. DNA is located in the nucleus and must remain there. RNA travels from the nucleus through the cell's cytoplasm to the ribosome.


027 - DNA and RNA - Part 1 - Paul Andersen introduces the nucleic acids of life; RNA and DNA. He details the history of DNA from Griffith, to Avery, to Hershey and finally to Watson and Crick.


DNA and RNA Practice Quiz. This is a practice quiz based on the DNA/RNA Test. Practice it as many times as necessary to correct your misunderstanding.