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Our video run-through of the new California DMV website Here's What You Can Now Do Online with the California DMV: The new online offerings, which the DMV is calling a Virtual Field Office expand the number of transactions that can be handled from home by allowing users to upload documents which are then reviewed by a DMV customer service representative, saving you a trip to the physical DMV.


In addition to the improved online experience, the California DMV has added more features to the 365 DMV Now kiosks (pictured at top) statewide. Share this story: Facebook


DMV.com’s guide for California provides fast and easy articles, guides and resources for helping you solve DMV problems. Our mission is to save you time and headache when dealing with drivers license, registration, insurance, other vehicle/driving related issues.


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Yes. California requires that you complete both a driver's education course (like the one offered online by DriverEdToGo) as well as behind-the-wheel training from a professional


DMV Appointments at 74-740 Technology Drive, Palm Desert, CA 92211Palm Desert, CA 92211


Our California DMV cheat sheet is a massive CDL practice test with hundreds of real DMV written test questions and answers you can sink your teeth in right now! Multiple choice questions, immediate grading and helpful study aids - the DMV cheat sheet has preserved all of the features you have come to love about our regular CDL practice tests ...


Interested veterans need to present a valid DD Form 214 to a local CVSO to receive a Veteran Status Verification form. Then, the veteran takes the CVSO verification form to a DMV field office for processing. DMV charges an additional $5, plus the standard cost of a new, renewal, or duplicate license fee for this enhancement.


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Have a DMV question or need service in a pinch? Check out our self-service options. DMV Self-Service Options. Can you conduct your business online? More than 40 services can be done online, including: Creating an online account; PIN/Password help (follow the prompts on the screen for assistance) Changing your address