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Find DIY projects on Pinterest by going to Pinterest.com, clicking on the hamburger menu located in the right-hand side of the search bar and selecting DIY and Crafts. This displays a list of recently pinned projects, as well as a menu of DIY-related pins by category.


Pinterest can be a good place to find home decorating ideas, but it also has a lot of ideas that are not worth imitating. The online scrapbooking service was the source of many important home trends in 2014, as reported by The Huffington Post.


Some popular DIY home decorating ideas include embellished lamp shades, fabric window shades and patterned furniture. These projects are great for adding color and stylish flair to rooms.


Individuals can get instructions for a variety of crafts from Pinterest boards, including building garden furniture and stations, weaving, dyeing various types of fabric, making various objects from cardboard and more. Pinterest members can create their own boards to sa...


To post a kitchen idea on Pinterest, click the plus button on the Pinterest website, and select Choose Image. Select the most relevant board, and add a description. The description should include words related to kitchens so that other users can search for it.


Some ideas for DIY Christmas decorations are paper snowflakes, garland, wreaths, tree centerpieces and gingerbread houses. With many different ways to make them, homemade Christmas ornaments are also popular decorations.


One seashell decor idea involves gluing shells onto a cardboard container to create a treasure box. Another seashell decor idea involves tying shells to a string of pearls to create a garland.