Armstong makes peel and stick vinyl tiles that customers without prior floor installation experience can easily install. The tiles have strong adhesive backings that adhere to the floor. The company makes 12", 16" and 18... More » Home & Garden Decor Interior Decorating

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To lay floor tile, prepare the floor, lay out the tile pattern, cut the tile, mix the thinset, install the tiles and grout the tile. The timing of this process depends on room size and tile size and requires tiling tools... More »

Subway tile is frequently cited as the most inexpensive type of floor tile because it can easily be found for under $3 per square foot, as of 2015. However, cheap alternatives include ceramic mosaic tile, glass mosaic ti... More » Home & Garden Decor Interior Decorating

To install vinyl tile, draft a flooring plan, cover the floor in mastic adhesive, fix the floor panels in place, and then use a hand roller to flatten out the floor. You need a tape measure, vinyl tiles, mastic adhesive ... More »