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Stucco offers an inexpensive and durable finish for interior and exterior walls. If you are unable to think of the right way of finishing a cinder block wall, stucco application, followed by textured effect is the best option to consider. So here's how to stucco a cinder block wall and give it an appealing yet low-maintenance finish.


Stucco a Masonry or Concrete Wall. 1. To apply stucco to an existing brick, block, or concrete wall, first brush a concrete bonding agent onto the wall, then allow it to dry completely. 2. After the bonding agent has been allowed to dry, the stucco can be applied directly to the wall.


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To stucco a cinder block wall, apply a concrete bonding agent, apply scratch layer of stucco and then add a finishing coat of stucco, allowing 36 to 48 hours for curing between each layer. While the stucco is drying, mist the surface periodically to keep it moist during the hardening period. To apply stucco to an existing cinder block wall:


The Easiest And (Cost Effective) Way To Stucco Basement Walls: Basically, the easiest way to stucco the interior of a basement wall would be to “skim coat” it by applying a coat of a stucco finish material, whether this is a traditional type of stucco finish or an acrylic finish. This method is best suited for walls that are in very good ...


A: Tom Silva replies: Cement block provides a good, solid base for stucco, but if you try to apply it directly to the walls, the paint will interfere with the bond. Stripping the paint would be a lot more work than it's worth, so you should first fasten galvanized metal lath (called diamond lath) to the walls with masonry fasteners.


Usually you won’t need to apply a scratch coat to a cinder block or cmu wall but in some instances like installing stone veneer, you will need a good base for the material to stick and a scratch coat is perfect. Let’s take a look at some tips before we get started to make the process go a whole lot smoother.


Stucco is among the most durable and versatile home finishes available. It can be applied to any masonry surface, or to painted surfaces if you start with metal lath, which is like a sturdy mesh screen. Stucco takes practice to apply yourself, especially if you want a smooth finish.


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