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Some DIY furniture ideas include making a rolling crate table and a tire ottoman covered in rope. For the rolling crate table, take a large, sturdy, rectangular- or square-shaped wood crate and attach caster wheels to each corner of the hollow side of the crate. Flip the crate over so that the flat


Some do-it-yourself ideas for backyard furniture include building seats and benches out of pallets or cinderblocks and wood. Another idea is to build a hammock out of a pallet and use an old mattress as the cushioning.


DIY furniture repair supplies include replacement seats and cushions, stain and scratch removers, replacement caning, and replacement hardware. Many DIY furniture repair stores also carry items such as steel wool, sand paper, wire brushes, and decorative nails and screws for applying and installing


To paint a car, apply a water-based automotive paint to the body of the car with a spray gun and color-sand and buff to finish. You also need a paint primer, a soft cloth, compressed air, three tall containers, paint sealer, paint activator, paint controller and a clear coat.


Butcher block is the most durable option for a DIY wood countertop. Glue and clamp small hardwood planks of various lengths to create a butcher block. To make a wood countertop, you need hardwood planks, food-safe wood glue, clamps, a mallet, sandpaper, a saw and mineral oil.


To paint unfinished wood furniture, gather together a sanding block, soap, water, sponge, primer, paint and finish. To customize the furniture, consider using different types of paint, stains and waxes.


Treat unfinished wood furniture to protect it from the elements and help preserve the clarity and beauty of its details. Clean it with a damp cloth to remove dust or grime. Remove hard and stubborn stains by sanding or applying certain wood-cleaning chemicals. Use an electric sander to sand the furn


To finish unfinished wood furniture, remove the hardware on the piece, and sand the wood with coarse sandpaper followed by fine-grit sandpaper. Clean the piece to remove any dust, and apply wood conditioner if the wood is soft or porous, or when using a water-based stain. To paint the furnishing, ap


The easiest way to protect unfinished wood furniture is to seal the wood, which protects it from heat, moisture, stains, spills and surface abrasion. Applying a coat or two of paste wax can help condition the wood and provide a very natural-looking finish. Sanding it with a combination of 100-grit a


Unfinished pine furniture can be painted, stained or left natural but sealed to protect the wood. The key to achieving good results is to prepare the surface before applying paint, stain or sealer.