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DIY Mosquito Trap #1 – Plastic Bottle Trap. This simple homemade mosquito traps really does work quite well, but will have to be refilled on a regular basis to continue being effective. Sugar and yeast are used for mosquito bait. The neck of a plastic bottle a carbon dioxide pathway and serves as an entrance to the trap.


For the best results, try combining the mosquito traps with several other methods of mosquito control. Mosquito traps offer several benefits over other bug-killing methods: The trap is easy to make from inexpensive materials and ingredients. No special tools are needed. You also don't need any special equipment to make the trap work in the yard.


This post may contain affiliate links. As the days get warmer and longer, the bugs come out more. I’m usually content to leave them alone, but when mosquitoes, hornets, and wasps start biting, they have to go! The process of making a homemade mosquito trap is much the same as a homemade wasp trap ...


Low-Cost, Homemade Mosquito Trap You can make this homemade mosquito trap from simple ingredients and materials to help control the mosquito population around your home. By Cheryl Long


I’ve seen this diy mosquito traps on many other sites. It must work for most but it never works when I try to make it. DIY projects have never been my strong point. I still to bought mosquito traps. If you’re like me and in need of a mosquito trap that works check this one out. Works great for me 🙂


DIY: Homemade Mosquito Trap. September 25, 2014. 3 min read. Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying and irritating flying pests that can certainly drive you indoors when you want to enjoy a walk in your yard during the warmer months. These critters actually put a damper on the summer fun. Every year, these mosquitoes infect millions of people ...


A DIY video regarding the homemade mosquito trap - with emphasis on the mistakes that may be made that prevent the trap from working. It DOES work if prepared correctly. I live in a village in the ...


And, you can increase the efficiency of this mosquito trap even more by aiming any light source to the water, as mosquitoes are also highly attracted to light. Plastic bottle mosquito trap. This DIY mosquito trap is one of the most well-known and used techniques. You will need either 1.5-liter or 2-liter plastic bottle, water, sugar, and yeast.


In this article, we are going to look at several different homemade mosquito traps, and determine which one works the best, if at all. To research for this article, My wife and I spend a weekend building and testing each trap in an area that we know holds a lot of mosquitoes and other flying insects. Commercially Available Traps


How to Make a Plastic Bottle Mosquito Trap. You can easily reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property with a plastic bottle trap that will attract and kill the mosquitos. The liquid in each trap will last about two weeks, and then,...