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One notable DIY fashion idea is a Bohemian look, according to About.com. The use of calico prints or cutting away designs from bed sheets adds a unique look to any ensemble. Patchwork is another DIY project to consider as well, particularly on jeans.


Some participants in the Day of Dead procession wear outfits that honor their deceased loved ones, traditional Spanish formal wear, Victorian gowns, vintage black lace, and suits or tuxedos with top hats, capes and canes. Many wear a skeleton costume either alone or in ...


Installing new cabinets and upgrading the tile flooring are DIY bathroom projects to consider. Updating sconce light fixtures is another idea. Changing the floor, creating more storage space, and adopting a new color scheme are all bathroom upgrades that homeowners can ...


When it comes to DIY, or do-it-yourself, magazines, Better Homes and Gardens recommends Do It Yourself Magazine, while Wise Bread suggests Family Handyman, Countryside and Mother Earth News. Each one has its own unique approach, so the best DIY magazine for any aspiring...


Some easy DIY projects include the making of an art frame, a cutting board, crate table or pet bed. The construction of a birdhouse or a bottle carrier is also a good starting project.


Do not attempt to remove a tattoo without consulting a dermatologist. Do not attempt to remove a tattoo with salt water and sandpaper. DIY tattoo removal can be harmful and can leave a scar worse than the tattoo itself.


One of the best tips for highlighting your hair well at home is to look for products that are suitable for your hair color. For instance, the box should say "for brown hair" if you have brown hair, not the color of the highlights.