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Make bath time fun and healthy too! Skip the harmful chemicals in store-bought bubble bath and make your own DIY bubble bath recipe from castile soap, glycerin, and safe essential oils for kids.


DIY natural bubble bath. Try this recipe from Paula Parrish uses glycerin for big bubbles and lavender essential oil for a calming effect. 4. Homemade honey bubble bath. Live Laugh Rowe’s recipe for honey bubble bath comes with pretty printable labels! 5. Calming homemade bubble bath. Made with essential oils, this recipe is calming and ...


Homemade Bubble Bath for Kids January 5, 2011 by ds_11604 Leave a Comment Getting your children into the bathtub is a little easier when you tempt them with fun bubbles — but the cost can add up over time and some commercial bubble baths may be too harsh for kids with sensitive skin.


This unscented bubble bath is great for kids with super sensitive skin or eczema. This is a gentle and very safe product that is ranked a "1" on the Skin Deep website, meaning it has the lowest possible toxin rating.It is also the least expensive bubble bath I list in this post at $0.32 per ounce.


Bubble baths can be fun for all ages. Recently we have been looking to add more natural products to our lives. After a little research I found we could make our own natural lavender bubble bath. This DIY bubble bath is easy enough to have the kids help make. It is also kid approved for bath time. DIY Bubble Bath (affiliate links included below)


This homemade bubble bath recipe is made without chemical soaps and sudsing agents. It is sudsy, simple to make, and requires just a few simple ingredients. ... Home DIY Natural Blog Beauty Homemade Bubble Bath Without All The Chemicals. Homemade Bubble Bath Without All The Chemicals. By Emry Trantham Beauty Cleaning Health Kids Recipes Recipes.


This calming homemade bubble bath for kids is the perfect way to make bathtime fun, all the while helping them relax and get ready for bed!


I tried two different recipes, both using a base of castile soap, in hopes of coming up with a DIY non-toxic bubble bath recipe that my kids and I would both enjoy. In the spirit of full disclosure, I trialed and tested these recipes in my double wide kitchen sink, and not the large bathtub.


A true “store-like” bubble bath is hard to make. Mostly because the reason that they bubble is due to the chemicals they contain, usually sodium laurel sulfate. Not good. So a homemade Bubble Bath isn’t perfectly the same, but good enough to do the trick! I tried a few different things before I settled on the mixture below.


The divine experience of slowing melting into a hot tub filled with the fragrance of delectable sweetness and the velvety touch of a plethora of bubbles, is bliss for any overworked, stressed out body. To further enhance that moment of pleasure use your choice of natural products and make your own homemade bubble bath.