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Europe and Asia. The boundary between Europe and Asia is unusual among continental boundaries because of its largely mountain-and-river-based characteristics north and east of the Black Sea. The reason is historical, the division of Europe and Asia going back to the early Greek geographers.


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The threefold system by Herodotus divided the old world into three: Europe, Africa, and Asia. However, the Europe-Asia boundary remained unusual even among the Greek geographers and even Herodotus. The boundary between Asia and Europe was placed along the Phasis River by Anaximandar. The convention was also followed by the Herodotus in the 5th BC.


As established by the Russian Federation, the dividing line between Europe and Asia is the Ural Mountains. The Urals are a range in Western Russia that runs from the Arctic Ocean to the Ural River in Kazakhstan.


When studying human social and cultural diversity, there are usually distinctions being made based on world regions. This leads commonly to the assumption that there is a continental divide between Europe and Asia. However, researchers from many disciplines point out that Eurasia should rather be seen as a unity. In the comparative anthropological study CHRIS HANN presents in this video, he ...


Europe and Asia are divided within Turkey, by the Bosporus and the Dardenelles. These are both narrow waters, which basically connect the Black Sea with the Mediterranean. Within Russia, the ...


For most of Turkey’s history, the fact that the Bosphorus represented the divide between Europe and Asia was treated mainly as a geographical curiosity, not a fundamental statement about the ...


The Ural Mountains do not simply divide Europe and Asia, but they also act as a border between the different climatic zones: a milder continental climate of the East European Plain in the west of the Ural Mountains and a continental climate of the Western Siberia from the eastern side of the mountains with temperatures down to minus 40 degree ...


Herodotus mentioned that the world had been divided by unknown persons into three parts, Europe, Asia, and Libya (Africa), with the Nile and the Phasis forming their boundaries—though he also states that some considered the River Don, rather than the Phasis, as the boundary between Europe and Asia.


The Ural MountainsThe historical and culture geographic marker of divide between Europe and Asia are the Ural Mountains that stretch from Russia as far south as Kazakhstan.