Tap water is directly supplied from the home faucet, while distilled water is water taken from any source that has gone through a distillation process. Tap water contains compounds, such as iron, chlorine, magnesium and ... More »

Distilled water is better than tap water for growing healthy plants. Tap water has additives like fluoride and chlorine that can affect a plant's growth. More »

Spring water is water that has overflowed from an underground water source. Distilled water has minerals and impurities mechanically removed from it before it's used. More »

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The difference between spring water and distilled water is that spring water is obtained from an underground spring source and distilled water is any water that has undergone the distillation process. Water sold as sprin... More »

Distilled water contains little to no fluoride; the distillation process removes most, if not all, of the fluoride in the water. Distilled water is water that has been purified by collecting steam from boiling water. Ste... More »

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The benefit of distilled water is that it is pure water with minerals and other contaminants removed during the distillation process. The demineralised water is suitable for use in lead-acid batteries, automotive cooling... More »

The difference between distilled and purified water lies in the process that the water goes through; distilled water goes through one specific process, while purified water can go through a number of different cleaning p... More »