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There is no one way to determine a safe distance from street power lines, but a good range is between 10 to 200 feet from the wires. For high voltage transmission lines with larger cables and tall towers, a safe distance is around 700 feet.


The minimum distance when working on construction around power lines depends on the voltage of the power lines. The standard recommended distance is a 20-foot radius around the line, but the distance can range from 10 to over 45 feet depending on the voltage.


Overhead power cables are cheaper to install and maintain than underground power cables. They are also quicker to fix whenever faults develop. However, they are more susceptible to damage, and many people do not like the way they look.


An overhead heater refers to a heating system that is placed overhead and generates radiant heat. Overhead heating systems typically generate infrared lights that can be either low or high-intensity. This type of heating system heats up the space from the floor level as...


To install a garage door, take important measurements such as the length of the door, its width and the distance from the top of the door to the ceiling; attach the weatherstripping to the bottom piece of the door; and then fix the piece in place using nails. Attach any...


To calculate manufacturing overhead, you add up all indirect costs that are related to operating your factory, then divide the sum and allocate it to every unit that you produce. This formula is useful to businesses that do not have a significant financial security, and...


Overhead gas heaters are propane-powered heating units mounted on ceilings to project warmth below. These heaters are available for ceilings with heights ranging from low to medium.