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Lower than normal levels of ferritin can be the cause of constant headache and fatigue. This article provides information on low ferritin causes. Untreated low ferritin levels can lead to serious illnesses like anemia. Read on, to know how to maintain the normal levels of ferritin...


Note that ferritin has been shown to increase in response to stressors, such as inflammation or infection. These conditions may change what would otherwise be low ferritin indicating a lack of iron, into a value in the normal range. Summary of Diseases Associated With Higher Ferritin. Inflammatory conditions Chronic kidney disease


Low Ferritin Causes The most common causes of low ferritin are: Poor Diet (not consuming enough high-iron foods or enough foods with the nutrients required to help absorb iron) Blood loss (can be internal or external, from injury or from giving blood) Intestinal disease (like celiac disease, Crohn’s Disease, ulcerative colitis or gluten ...


Gastrointestinal disorders that result in inflammation, such as celiac and Crohn's disease, can cause malabsorption of iron. Poor absorption is common following gastrointestinal surgery. Milk and antacids also interfere with absorption of iron, resulting in low ferritin.


Internal bleeding is a cause of reduced level of ferritin. Conditions such as colon cancer or ulcer are common causes of bleeding in the body which may contribute to cause low ferritin in the body. Ferritin or iron deficiency may be detected through conditions such as fatigue, irritation and general weakness.


Doctors give unbiased, helpful information on indications, contra-indications, benefits, and complications: Dr. Lewy-Weiss on low ferritin level causes: you seem to be addressing w/doctors. Stay in touch w/them. Also, consider a Micronutrient panel to see the nutritional status of your body. Spectracell lab in Texas has an excellent one.


Low ferritin levels may also lead to other conditions such as Vitamin C deficiency, celiac disease and hypothyroidism. Teenagers and adolescents who have ferritin levels low but above the range of anemic condition are most likely to develop Restless Leg Syndrome.


Ferritin is a protein in the body that is used to store iron. The ferritin blood test can detect elevated or low levels of ferritin in the body, which may indicate disease such as hemochromatosis, rheumatoid arthritis, certain cancers, anemia, or iron deficiency.


Low ferritin is caused by some imbalance in the body, which means that finding and reversing that imbalance is necessary to maintain normal iron and ferritin levels. One of the more common causes of low ferritin is related to gastrointestinal issues and malabsorption of iron.


Anemia of inflammation, also called anemia of chronic disease or ACD, is a type of anemia that affects people who have conditions that cause inflammation, such as infections, autoimmune diseases, cancer, and chronic kidney disease (CKD). Anemia is a condition in which your blood has fewer red blood cells than normal.