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Discount stores usually sell a wide range of grocery, personal hygiene and general retail goods. Their inventory usually varies based on their format, some examples of which are "dollar-only" stores and stores that specialize in overstock.


Stores to buy discounted bread include Bimbo, Franz, Holsum and Pepperidge Farm bakery outlet stores. These bakery outlet stores offer discounts of up to 75 percent on bread and other baked goods.


To locate a Discount Tire store, the store locator tool on discounttire.com can be used. To use the locator tool, enter in the desired zip code and range around the zip code to generate a list of Discount Stores in that area.


Stores such as BJ's, Sam's Club, Costco and Earth Fare offer military discounts, as of 2015. Military members also find discounts at other retailers such as Farm Fresh and CVS.


A seasonal discount is a price inducement that businesses offer customers to create sales out-of-season. In fashion, for instance, retailers offer discounts for winter clothes when spring nears, and they offer lower prices on summer clothes during end-of-summer sales.


A discount series, also called a chain discount or trade discount series, occurs when multiple discounts are offered on the same item. Discount series are typically indicated with a series of numbers separated by slashes. The numbers are the percentages involved.


Find discount grocery store equipment by shopping online retailers such as Store Supply Warehouse and Discount Shelving and Displays, as of 2016. Also check Wholesale Central, a website that offers new and pre-owned grocery store equipment for sale.


RetailMeNot is a website that aggregates coupon offers and discount codes from various companies. RetailMeNot.com claims to provide over 500,000 coupons from 50,000 stores worldwide and is the most popular discount code service in the United States.


Two websites that allow users to search for grocery store deals by location include All You and My Grocery Deals. Another option is to visit the grocery store's website to view its weekly ads, if they're posted online.


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