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According to Colour Blind Awareness, girls can become colorblind if they inherit the colorblind gene from both their mother and father. It is rare for girls to become colorblind, and more men than women are colorblind around the world.


Some common shades of orange, ranging from lightest to darkest, include papaya whip, peach, sunset, apricot, amber, bittersweet, salmon, tea rose, tangerine, tan, cadmium, carrot, saffron, flame, pumpkin, orange-red, burnt orange, tawny, rust, tomato orange and Persian orange.


Some popular shade trees include the hybrid poplar, nuttall oak, northern catalpa and weeping willow. Others include the paper birch and the American sycamore.


Although many people believe that dogs only see in black and white, these animals are actually red-green colorblind. This means that dogs can see yellow and blue, but they cannot see red or green.


Good jobs for the blind include just about any job that seeing people perform. Working in marketing and media, law, entertainment, retail sales and many other fields are good choices for visually impaired individuals. For blind people who don't have access to transportation, options include working


Animals that are naturally blind include the star-nosed mole, blind cave fish, Texas blind salamander and Salem cave crayfish. Some of these animals, such as the mole, have eyes that don't function, while others don't have eyes at all.


Blindness is a broad term used to describe a wide array of visual limitations. Those who are blind see nothing at all. However, in some cases they might be able to experience flashes or flickering images of light and color.


There are a number of online tests available to identify if a person is color blind. Tests are offered by the Colorblind Home Page, Colblindor, EnChroma and more.


Women can be colorblind if both of their X chromosomes contain the colorblind gene. It is extremely rare for women to be colorblind, but many women are carriers of the colorblind gene.


The way in which you shade letters depends on their shape, how round or flat the letters are, and how you wish to show that they are three-dimensional. To draw and shade 3D letters, you need scratch or practice paper, a drawing implement, and any colors you want to include.