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Pulaski, New York, is located on the Salmon River, which has 12 miles of public fishing rights. The region is a major area for sport fishing in the United States and includes the shore of Lake Ontario, located 3 miles west of Pulaski. As of 2015, there have been two major records set in the river: t


Anglers in Pulaski, New York, can legally fish the Salmon River for Atlantic salmon, Chinook salmon and Coho salmon between April 1 and October 15 of each year. Anglers can legally fish the river for brown trout and steelhead all year, though those species are typically present during certain season


Discontinued American Drew furniture pieces and collections may be available through retail or wholesale furniture brokers, discount furniture warehouses or participating retail outlet stores. Selected pieces can also be found at local auctions and estate sales and through private sellers on website


Original but discontinued Kincaid furniture can be found easily at Kincaid?s factory outlet in Hickory, N.C. La-Z-Boy owns Kincaid furniture as of 2014. There was another Kincaid factory outlet in Austin, Texas, but that outlet closed, and the only real factory outlet for Kincaid furniture is the lo


Customers can search for and purchase discontinued Thomasville furniture pieces on the Thomasville website. If a piece of furniture has been discontinued for more than a year, the company states that it is not possible to find the item through other channels.


Discontinued bedding sets may be found at online discount retailers such as DomesticBin.com and LinenLocker.com. Brick and mortar outlet stores may also carry discontinued bedding sets.


Discontinued Henredon furniture can be found at the company outlet store in North Carolina, as of 2015. Items are showroom samples, returns and discontinued pieces. There is also a store on eBay selling discontinued Henredon furniture with a 100 percent positive feedback rating.


Customers can find good furniture warehouse sales by shopping on websites that specialize in them, such as American Furniture Warehouse. Customers can also visit a store, such as Lubbock Warehouse Sales in Lubbock, Texas, to find unique, rustic items.


Popular discontinued flooring products as of 2016 include the Mannington Wood Floors Butternut flooring and the Armstrong Reserve Collection's Amber Oak flooring. The Clubhouse flooring from the American Hardwoods Oak series is another discontinued flooring product from Mannington Wood Floors.


There are a number of online locations where shoppers can find pre-owned furniture, such as Etsy, Cherish, Krrb and Craigslist, according to Buzzfeed. While Etsy and Cherish offer national listings, Krrb and Craigslist provide more local listings for shoppers.