Ashton Drake dolls that have been discontinued include Cool as a Cucumber and Baby Raven Wing. Other Ashton Drake dolls that have been discontinued are Peek-a-Boo Peter and Are You Kidding Me? A number of Ashton Drake do... More »

Cabbage Patch dolls date back to the 1980s and the value of original models may exceed $50,000. The value of an individual doll depends on popularity, date of manufacture, and number of dolls currently available for sale... More »

Geppeddo dolls are manufactured by Geppeddo, which is part of the Axis Corporation and sells its wares in malls during the holiday season. Geppeddo dolls are not named by the manufacturer and are identified by their appe... More »

A set of Beatles dolls was released in 1964 by Remco. They were 5-inch dolls made from either plastic or rubber, and each of the Beatles came with his respective instrument, trimmed in gold and with his signature. More » Hobbies & Games Collecting

Common repair and restoration techniques for old dolls include filling in cracks, which can be done with putty, and replacing missing fingers, which can be replaced with a putty mold of the doll's hand and plastic paste.... More » Hobbies & Games Collecting

Old porcelain dolls can be cleaned by washing their bodies and hair with soap and water. Mild household cleaners can also be used to remove stains. Washable clothing can be hand washed in plain water or with a mild deter... More » Hobbies & Games Collecting

Determining the value of a Duck House doll is based on its physical appearance as well as on the logo and collector numbers stamped on the back of the dolls neck. Each doll should also have a certificate of authenticity. More »