Each state requires different elements in a liability disclaimer. Depending on the state in which the disclaimer is written, the inclusion of certain vocabulary is necessary; for example, New York state emphasizes "negli... More »

Writing a disclaimer form for a business involves three steps: understanding the business and services offered, deciding the terms and making clients aware of the document. The disclaimer is a statement that intends to p... More »

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A waiver of liability form must clearly state the risks and dangers involved in the associated activity, the rights and liabilities released by the signing party, and all necessary contact information for both parties, a... More »

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Criminal liability is defined by the National Paralegal College as "an act that may be prosecuted by the state in accordance with the state's criminal code." Someone is criminally liable for actions that break the law if... More »

Third-party insurance covers claims against the policy holder by someone other than the insurance company. The policyholder is the first party, the insurance company is the second party and the third party is someone tha... More »

Civil liability is the potential for responsibility of payment to an aggrieved party due to the violation of a civil law, tort, or breach of contract. Civil liability differs from criminal liability in that violations of... More »

A disclaimer deed is a deed that does not warrant good title and can only be used by married couples. One person in the marriage signs as the grantor (the giver of the property), and the other person in the marriage sign... More »