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Bovine artificial insemination school, or AI school, teaches students how to properly perform bovine artificial insemination on their herds. AI involves impregnating female cows artificially using frozen semen and is used to help strengthen the genetics of a herd and in...


AISLive ship tracking is a mapping tool that provides clear visibility of ship movement across a ship's trading route. The tool features live ship positions, satellite ship movements and ship photographs, among other relevant data tools that enable tracking of a ship.


Driving records, location, vehicle type and type of driver all go into determining AIS car insurance rates, according to AIS. Credit score, annual mileage and where the car is driven also might affect the rate a person pays for their AIS car insurance.


Some of the disadvantages of oil are that it is a nonrenewable resource and creates air pollution. It also is often produced by countries who are unstable politically, and it can be harmful if spilled in the ocean or some other wildlife habitat.


One of the biggest disadvantages of using oil is that it is a nonrenewable source of energy, which means that once supplies are exhausted, there is no way to produce more. Oil also poses significant risks to the atmosphere and water bodies; oil spills, for instance, cau...


One can obtain an Auto Insurance Specialists auto insurance quote online at the AIS website, AIS Insurance.com. Consumers can compare auto insurance rates offered in their ZIP code by a variety of insurance companies.


A study published by the Institute for Social and Economic Research reveals that the children of mothers who work full-time before the children start school tend to score less in reading and math tests and have slower emotional development. The disadvantage begins in pr...