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Advantage: A false feeling of security. Disadvantage: Not being at all secure, as it's one of the worst free firewalls in the world. That said, if you are behind a router, you normally do not need a firewall at all, as the router itself is a much better firewall.


Is Windows Firewall up to the task of securing your network? Mike Mullins has his doubts. In this edition of Security Solutions, he delves into the details of Windows Firewall and weighs its pros ...


A firewall, especially the Windows Firewall, is designed to block activities that look suspicious. Unfortunately, a block can also extend to legitimate network-intensive processes. In some cases, even running a legitimate program such as a messaging program or social networking plug-in won't work if your firewall concludes it's a malicious process.


I have always wondered, really, what is the disadvantage of using the Windows firewall, as opposed to a Zonealarm, Norton, etc., product? I mean, is there really a security difference or is it just features, etc?


According to the Internet Storm Center, tests conducted with Windows XP with the firewall turned off resulted in compromised computers an average of four minutes after being connected to the Internet. A firewall passes legitimate data to your computer or network but does not respond to unrequested probes from the outside.


Firewalls advantages. The firewall is the computer security device that can work at the software or the hardware level to prevent unwanted outside access to the computer system , It allows you to control the traffic, The good firewall prevents bad Guys from breaking in and it helps keep confidential data from being sent out .


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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Firewall? ... Windows computers which did not have a firewall activated upon connecting to the internet were exposed to various forms of cyber threats within a matter of minutes. When using a firewall, network administrators can carefully select the specific ports which receive and transmit ...


Shortly said: at the moment, there are no advantages. Windows Firewall is designed to block incoming (and sometimes outgoing) connections to the computer. It also blocks programs from listening to some non standard ports unless users add an except...


Securing your business's data is one of the most important tasks your company can undertake to prevent fraud or theft. Intrusion prevention via firewall can be a solid line of defense between your ...