The resources and expertise needed to fix fiber cabling have not yet spread out extensively in most parts of the world. This makes the cost of installation costly. It usually involves a great deal of expert skills, tools... More »

Installation costs, the need for special testing equipment and susceptibility to damage are notable disadvantages of using fiber optics. Although fiber optics offers superior throughput speeds for data transmission, its ... More » Science Physics Optics & Waves

A fiber optic scarecrow is used as a Halloween or Thanksgiving decoration and is typically located near a home's window, facing outside. It is made of felt or fabric, has straw for hands, feet and hair, and features opti... More »

To connect fiber optic cables, use a connecting device that suits the weather or conditions to which the cable is subjected. First, remove the outside of the cable using a sharp knife, and peel back the protective fibers... More » Technology Internet & Networking

There are two main options for repairing a broken fiber optic cable. Either splice the two broken ends together mechanically, using an optical gel, or fuse the ends back together through a process that uses heat. More »

The materials required to make an Ethernet crossover cable includes Ethernet cabling, a crimping tool, two RJ45 plugs and two plug shields. It may also be helpful to reference a wiring diagram. More » Technology Internet & Networking

The Internet is a network of autonomous computers linked together by wireless, cable or fiber links; devices exchange information over the network through data packets. It is governed by a set of protocols called TCP/IP. More »