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To get a good deal on DirecTV as an existing customer, call the company's customer service department and tell them you're considering canceling your service. Listen to the offers the representative makes, and negotiate what you want.


Customers can get DIRECTV help and support by visiting the DIRECTV website and accessing the company's Help Center. This service offers possible solutions to the most common issues encountered by DIRECTV subscribers. Additionally, customers can log on to their DIRECTV accounts for a more personalize


To customize your DirecTV channel guide, press Guide on your remote, press the yellow button to display the Guide options menu, select Change Favorites List, select Setup Custom, select Add Channels, press Select, and press the left arrow twice. Select Yes, Change Current, and press Guide on your re


DIRECTV offers a number of manuals for receivers, remote controls and other DIRECTV equipment. Additionally, it provides interactive remote guides, instructions on how to connect Genie or other HD DVR devices to the Internet, assorted tips and tricks and miscellaneous online tools.


The phone number for DirecTV customer service is 1-800-531-5000. Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and general support is available from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, 7 days a week. Hearing-impaired customers may use 1-800-779-4388; text telephone equipment is re


Use DirecTV to play Pandora radio and YouTube through a TV, schedule a home DVR on a cell phone or computer, and connect an HD DVR to the Internet. Register a DirecTV account at DirecTV.com to download a DirecTV DVR scheduler application for a mobile device to schedule recording shows.


To use the DIRECTV guide, push the Guide button on the television's remote control and browse through channels by scrolling with the arrow keys or entering a channel number. The DIRECTV guide displays each channel's programming for at least the next 36 hours. By default, it displays programming for


On May 18, 2014, AT&T announced that it had “entered into a definitive agreement” to buy DIRECTV for stock and cash valued at $95 a share. The boards of directors of both companies have voted unanimously in favor of the deal, which is subject to federal approval. Previously, DIRECTV was owned and op


DirecTV has Internet services as a part of its product line, as of 2014. The company's Internet is a high-speed wireless service available as a standalone product, but it can also be purchased as a part of one of DirecTV's bundled rates.


Three resources for information about DIRECTV are the official DIRECTV Web page, JCS Consulting and the DIRECTV Press Center. The information available through each of these resources varies from how to sign up for service to information about the executives that run the company.