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DirecTV has Internet services as a part of its product line, as of 2014. The company's Internet is a high-speed wireless service available as a standalone product, but it can also be purchased as a part of one of DirecTV's bundled rates.


The Pac-12 Network channels are available on a handful of TV providers, but DirecTV is not one of them. While Dish Network, Time Warner Cable and Xfinity customers, among others, have access to the range of sports channels, DirecTV customers are unable to view the content.


Three resources for information about DIRECTV are the official DIRECTV Web page, JCS Consulting and the DIRECTV Press Center. The information available through each of these resources varies from how to sign up for service to information about the executives that run the company.


As of 2015, customers of DirecTV can make payments on their bills through a variety of ways, including online bill payment, by phone, through an automated phone system or through online banking. Customers who have their cards on file can also pay their DirecTV bill through text.


DIRECTV does not offer Internet directly, but works with service providers like AT&T to offer its customers Internet. DIRECTV handles the television service while letting local Internet providers install and service the Internet portion of the service.


Customers can get DIRECTV help and support by visiting the DIRECTV website and accessing the company's Help Center. This service offers possible solutions to the most common issues encountered by DIRECTV subscribers. Additionally, customers can log on to their DIRECTV accounts for a more personalize


DirecTV features standard receivers such as Genie Lite, Standard Digital TV receiver and DirecTV Plus DVR. It also offers receivers such as Tivo HD DVR, Genie, HD DVR and HD receiver. The Standard Digital receiver features parent control, ScoreGuide and on-screen Caller ID.


As of 2014, the maximum download speed provided by DirecTV is 24 megabits per second, while the upload speed is capped at 0.256 megabit per second. Although the average speeds provided by DirecTV are faster than dial-up, they are still very low when compared to cable or DSL providers.


DirecTV carries Cartoon Network HD as well as Cartoon Network in standard definition. The channel is available as part of the Select package of channels for $29.99 per month as of April 2015.


As of 2013, DirecTV had 20.25 million subscribers. This number is an increase of 0.8 percent from 2012, a year when DirecTV had 20.08 million subscribers.