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In mathematics, a variable is a symbol used for a number not yet known, while a constant is a number or symbol that has a fixed value. The value of a variable can change depending on the equation, while the value of a constant always remains the same.


Vectors are important tools used to illustrate movement and elements, such as force in physics. In order to work with vectors, you have to understand how to find their direction and magnitude. In many cases, materials like grid paper, a protractor, a ruler, and a calculator are necessary.


The control variable, also known as the constant variable, is the variable that remains unchanged throughout an experiment. Control variables minimize room for errors as they reduce the factors that can affect the outcome of an experiment.


Controlled experiments have three types of variables: dependent, independent and controlled. Independent variables, also called manipulated variables, are altered during an experiment. The resulting measurable change is the dependent, or responding, variable.


Variable expenses are costs that change directly and proportionally with changes in production or sales volume. They include advertising, cost of goods sold, hourly wages, sales commissions and shipping costs.


The dependent variable is the measurable factor that changes due to the effect of another variable in an experiment or series of measurements. It has a relationship with the independent variable, which can be positive or negative. This means that the dependent variable changes in either the same dir


The simplest method for calculating direct labor cost is represented by multiplying the total hours worked times the wage rate for the period of time in question. The equation looks like this: direct labor cost equals total labor hours times labor rate.


A moderating variable is a third variable that affects the strength of the relationship between the independent and dependent variable in data analysis. Examples of moderating variables include sex and race.


A compound variable is utilized to create an array, typically in an IBM programming language such as REXX. REXX is a procedural language used to create sequentially arranged algorithms and programs. Therefore, an array in REXX programming is a dimensional arrangement of elements, each of which is id


The average variable cost formula is AVC = VC(Q). Average variable costs represent a company's variable costs divided by the quantity of products produced in a particular period of time. Variable costs are those that vary or alter based on the amount of product produced.