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Satellite television is a system of transmitting, relaying and receiving devices that work in tandem to beam a TV signal from a broadcaster to an orbiting satellite and then from the relay to a specific area of the world. Television satellites maintain geostationary orbits, keeping up with the rotat


As of 2015, some stations available to subscribers of DIRECTV satellite TV packages include HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, ABC, AMC, CNN, CNBC, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Bravo, Disney and Encore, notes DIRECTV.com. The number of channels available varies based on the type of subscription plan.


Find satellite TV listings through your satellite service provider's website. DISH Network provides TV listings through Mydish.com, while DIRECTV TV listings are available at Directv.com. You need to provide your ZIP code to filter local channel results to your specific location. Find satellite TV l


One method to view satellite TV guides is to visit TVGuide.com. Select TV Listings under the What's On category. Enter a ZIP code or select a time zone, click Satellite, and then select the provider.


Consumers may purchase legal FTA, or Free to Air, satellite systems that allow them to watch free satellite programming. FTA brands include Pansat, Coolsat and Conaxsat. The only cost to consumers is for the equipment, with no monthly charges or additional fees.


ESPN, Fox News and TBS are among the most popular satellite TV channels. Featuring most major sports, but specifically the NFL, ESPN has consistently been the top-rated station. Fox News outpaces other news networks by a large margin. In 2015, its closest competitor, CNN, was ranked 22.


Online resources such as Zap2It.com, TVGuide.com and TitanTV.com provide satellite and cable TV channel guides that can be searched depending upon location and provider; additionally, satellite television service provider websites such as DirecTV.com and Mydish.com offer their individual channel lis


Dish Network and DirecTV both offer online schedules for all channels and programs. Both sites feature region-specific listings that include local channels and regional sports programs.


Websites such as WorldTVPC.com, TitanTV.com, OnTVTonight.com, and Zap2it.com offer updated TV listings for satellite services, as of 2015. WorldTVPC.com offers a listing of satellite television services categorized by country, and it provides links to the updated listings of each provider by time an


Satellites serve a number of functions, from weather prediction to communications and providing television programming. Satellites also provide GPS, or global positioning, data that powers GPS devices to show an exact location on the planet.