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Then switch to DIRECTV, the premium provider for your must-have entertainment and more! DIRECTV packages come with a variety of channels, including local programming so you can stay up-to-date on what’s happening in your community. Call 1-855-390-8988 to find a package with the DIRECTV channels you want and need.


Almost all of DIRECTV’s channels are available in HD. You can see a complete list in our channel guide above. DIRECTV also has several channels in 4K Ultra HD, which air movies, sports and concerts in 4K HDR. You can find DIRECTV’s 4K programming on channels 104-107.


The Directv (Direct TV) Channel Programming Guide is divided into various sections such as news, general interest, sports, movies, ppv, adult and music. Similar channels are grouped together, this makes it much easier for a viewer to find the specific listing that they are looking for.The Directv (Direct TV) channel list is an important function for the avid satellite televsion viewer.


DIRECTV Channel Packages. Have you seen the DIRECTV channel lineup? DIRECTV, which is Dish Network's fiercest rival, is a direct broadcast satellite TV service provider that became a subsidiary of AT&T as of July 2015. Just like Dish Network, it offers affordable packages and flexibility for its DIRECTV customers.


DIRECTV Pay Per View offers content available at the push of a button, including new movie releases, sports and concerts. Click for more info or call 855-550-2869.


Free TV Channels By State. View a list of Free TV Channels by State. Find local tv channels by zip code to determine signal strength and antenna selection.


Kapatid TV offers everything from news programming, dramas, and comedies. Once you know which Filipino TV channels you want, you can decide which DirecTV package is right for you. Base Packaging ...


Korean TV Channels on DIRECTV. Get the best of Korean-language television shows and radio stations from DIRECTV. Stay connected and up-to-date with the latest news, entertainment, movies, and television shows from Korea. Your whole family will be charmed by the variety of channels from the most popular dramas to inspirational religious programming.


DIRECTV premium channel and add-on costs. For the first three months, DIRECTV includes HBO®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ and Cinemax® in your service. Unless you have DIRECTV PREMIER™, which includes them in the package, these premium channels will cost you $53.99 each month after the starting period. But DIRECTV’s premiums aren’t all movie channels.


YouTube TV vs DirecTV: Key Differences. My family has been using YouTube TV for about a week. Here are some of our favorite features: Ability to hide certain channels from your home page. Ok…so when we had DirecTV, this was a major annoyance. When you logged in to the DirecTV app to stream, CNN was the first thing that popped up.