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Who is the Dionne Quints Heritage Board? What do we do? The Dionne Quints Heritage Board is a non-profit corporation that was formed to protect and ensure the legacy of the Dionne Quintuplets remains a vital part of North Bay and Area’s history.


Dionne Quints Museum. A sibling of the quintuplets was the first to open the Dionne home as a museum. [citation needed] The original family homestead was moved around 1960 to a location on Highway 11B (near the present Clarion Resort), and again in 1985 to North Bay and converted into the


The Dionne Quints Museum is closed, so cannot be visited. Unfortunately North Bay City Council has decided to have the museum moved from the city, ignoring an important aspect of our heritage and ignoring the wishes of the two remaining Dionne quintuplets to have their...


The latest Tweets from Dionne Quints Museum (@DionneMuseum). The Dionne Quints Museum, housed in the original Dionne Homestead, contains many artifacts from the Quints' early days and their growing years. North Bay


2 Survivors of Canada’s First Quintuplet Clan Reluctantly Re-emerge Image Annette, left, and Cécile, the only remaining sisters of the Dionne quintuplets, in Montreal last month.


Dionne miracle: The five baby girls are shown during a photo session in the first year after their birth in 1934. (CP/Toronto Star. Dionne quintuplet’s museum to open in North Bay


The Dionne Quints Museum, now located near the North Bay waterfront, will be reopening in mid-June. (Ed Valenti) Months later, though, they were put on public display in Corbeil in a live exhibition known as “Quintland.” It became an unprecedented tourist attraction, drawing more than 3 million visitors between 1934 and 1943: roughly half a ...


Dionne Quintuplets. On May 28, 1934, on a small farm in the village of Corbeil in northern Ontario, Canada, Elzire Dionne beat immense odds to give birth to five identical girls.Believe it or not, the Dionne quintuplets are the world’s first recorded quintuplets to survive infancy.


The Friends of the Dionne Quintuplet Home Museum are a volunteer group, working to keep the Dionne Quintuplet homestead and related artifacts intact and in the City of North Bay. Our group’s aim is to support the City in re-locating the homestead within the City of North Bay, preferably on the property adjacent to the Discovery North Bay Museum.