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However, I learned to can my own chicken (using a recipe like this) and have since found that using canned chicken in a recipe can save a lot of time when preparing a meal. So for those of you that like canned chicken, or like to can their own chicken, I’ve picked out a few recipes from the internet to help you use more of it.


This recipe uses canned chicken, but if you want to use leftover chunked chicken or turkey, it 's even better. A dab of sweet relish is a nice taste surprise, and we love the apples, pecans, and raisins. The creamy salad dressing finishes it off nicely.


Having this canned protein ready to go is great because you can store it in your pantry for basically as long as you need to. Some brands are even 98 percent fat free. You can make quick chicken salads, chicken wraps, or throw the chicken in soup to add some protein and flavor. Let me share some ...


Canned chicken is a great pantry item to always have on hand for quick family lunches and dinners. A can of chicken can be a lifesaver on a busy day; add chopped canned chicken to your favorite pasta salad or baked macaroni and cheese, or sprinkle chunks over a tossed green salad and you've got dinner.


Low Carb Alfredo Chicken Pizza – This uses jarred alfredo sauce and canned chicken. The prep time is under 10 minutes. It is low carb, gluten free and grain free. 5. Tomatillo Chicken Enchilada Recipe – An amazing recipe that can be prepped in about 7 minutes or less. You can make it all from cans or use as many fresh ingredients as you ...


This is another great dish that is quick to make, and you can use canned chicken. You just need to douse the canned chicken with hot sauce. Then fill the wrap with your buffalo chicken mixture. Finally, you cook it and enjoy it. It is quick to throw together and great to eat on the run or in a hurry too. Try this canned chicken recipe


Canned Chicken Recipes Canned chicken is just the thing for quick and easy appetizers to main dishes. ... Chicken Enchiladas III. The height of convenience, this enchiladas recipe combines canned chicken, soup and chiles with processed cheese for the one of the quickest suppers you can make. ... and tomatoes to help get dinner to the table ...


Canned Chicken Quick Recipes 68,555 Recipes. Which kind of chicken are you looking for? Ranch Chicken ... Six Can Chicken Tortilla Soup What's for Dinner. cream of chicken soup, cumin, chicken broth, lime, corn, ... Canned Chicken Pasta Recipes. 8 Can Chicken Tortilla Soup Eat this Up. chicken breast, pinto beans, ...


Top canned chicken dinner recipes and other great tasting recipes with a healthy slant from SparkRecipes.com. ... Member Recipes for Canned Chicken Dinner. Very Good 4.6/5 (9 ratings) Chicken and Broccoli Casserole. Very simple recipe using canned soup, sour cream, chicken, ...


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