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Taste of Home features economical recipes for chick and biscuits pot pie and an enchilada casserole serving eight. Eating Well has recipes serving four for $5 or less, including a Moroccan salad, and Southern Living features Kentucky hot browns on its list of low-cost dinner ideas.


The modern dinner plate measures between 10 and 11 inches in diameter. The dinner plate is used more frequently than any other plate, holding the main course for each meal, no matter how formal.


Some quick and simple dinner ideas are Thai Chicken with Carrot-Ginger Salad and Orzo with Chicken, Corn and Green Beans. Both of these recipes are also highly rated by readers of Food Network and Martha Stewart.


Some easy dinner recipes include chicken and broccoli pesto pasta, skillet chicken and vegetables, and huevos rancheros salad. Bisque soup, linguine and various other types of pastas and salads made quick, easy meals.


According to the Etiquette Scholar, there are 12 standardized plate types in use as of 2014. Some of these plates are used for daily meals while others are reserved for special occasions. Most dinnerware sets don't include all 12 types.


A chili burger with buttered corn on the cob is a fast and easy dinner option. Another fast dinner meal is pepper steak with potatoes.


Plate service, also called American service, is a name for a type of service where food is prepared and pre-portioned in the kitchen of a restaurant. The food is then served to patrons on plates by a waiter.


While dinner time varies across households and countries, in the United States, most families eat dinner between 6 and 7 p.m. While the time used to be around 5 p.m., increasing traffic and work commitments have pushed back dinner time.


Plates move because of gravity, which is the main driving force behind plate tectonics. Another reason why plates move is due to convection.


Some easy recipes for dinner from the Pillsbury website are tasty taco soup and the Grands! pepperoni pizza bake. Both recipes are among the site's top rated and use fairly simple ingredients.