According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, N2O5 is the chemical formula for dinitrogen pentoxide. It is one of the oxides of nitrogen, a group of compounds that are made up exclusively of nitrogen and oxygen. More »

The name of the covalent compound N2O5 is dinitrogen pentoxide, more commonly known as nitrogen pentoxide. This covalent compound is part of a bigger group of compounds, nitrogen oxides, created purely from nitrogen and ... More »

The reaction between N2O5 and H2O results in the product HNO3. The balanced equation is written as H2O + N2O5 = 2 HNO3. N2O5 represents the compound dinitrogen pentoxide, H2O represents water and HNO3 represents the comp... More »

N2O is commonly known as nitrous oxide; however, it is also known as dinitrogen monoxide, nitros, NOS or laughing gas. It is a colorless gas that is used as an anesthetic and an analgesic. When inhaled, it can cause a mi... More »

N2O5 is formally called dinitrogen pentoxide, or nitrogen pentoxide. It's a member of the group of nitrogen oxides, chemical compounds that consist solely of nitrogen and oxygen. A colorless, salt-like solid at room temp... More »

N2F4 is the chemical formula for the chemical compound tetrafluorohydrazine or dinitrogen tetrafluoride. It is a colorless inorganic gas that is extremely hazardous. It is produced from nitrogen trifluoride, an inorganic... More »

Diphosphorus pentoxide is the compound name for the chemical formula P2O5. Another name for this compound is phosphoric anhydride because of its reaction with water that produces phosphoric acid. Diphosphorus pentoxide i... More »